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Product: AI / ML / BI / IIOT solutions in Cloud, turnkey.



Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning

Data Lake

Business intelligence

Industrial IOT

Retail Services based on Artificial Intelligence:

  1. Personalization

  2. Prediction

  3. Image and Video Analysis

  4. Advanced Text Analysis

  5. Conversation Agents

  6. Translation

  7. Voice

  8. Transcription

  9. Document Analysis

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform with the most complete range of AI / ML capabilities.


Gartner's Magic Quadrant assesses vendors in the important emerging market for cloud-hosted artificial intelligence (AI) services for application developers. Amazon Web Services is the leader.


Teams already established, Quick to participate: In order to make the AI ​​vision a reality, teams need to know where to start and how to scale


Amplitude of Experience In Self-Learning: Clients need to have a solid strategy to make the right investments for transformation.


Reduced Cost: Cost savings, avoiding hardware, staff and development expenses.


Integral Platform In The Cloud: The possibility of taking advantage of the best set of computing capabilities, availability, reliability, security and analysis.


Complete Cycle: From data cleansing to training, creating and deploying models.


Distributed Model: Ability to collaborate and work in distributed teams. Models deployed in the cloud can be accessible to all authorized users, regardless of their physical location.

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