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Purer waters with Artificial Intelligence

Seawater RO plant

Industry: Renewable energy
Use Case: Prediction of optimal coagulant dose
Region: Middle East
Year: 2020

Tanques de agua


Coagulation and flocculation processes in seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) pre-treatment operations involves removal of colloidal and suspended particles from raw seawater through the addition of a determined amount of chemical coagulants



Determining the optimal coagulant dose to the raw water inflow is difficult.

Excessive dose leads to higher costs and health problems, while underdosing leads to non-quality water



Develop a Machine Learning model to predict the optimal coagulant dose depending on the water parameters



Knowing the optimal dose have several benefits such as:


Control of the water quality leaving the plant

Control of residual coagulant

Reduction of OPEX linked to the cost of the coagulant

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